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Australian Lobster Tails :


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Direct from West Australia, the world's preferred source for coldwater lobsters, comes the sweetest and most flavorful rock lobster tails available. These highly sought after frozen lobster tails are ready for steaming or boiling, or if you want to create a dramatic presentation for your guests, slit the shell to expose the lobster meat, then broil. They're sure to be quite impressed by both the presentation and the delicate flavor of these Australian lobster tails. You'll receive premium quality, 6-7 oz frozen lobster tails in a vacuum package. Choose from units of 2 or 4.

When your lobster tails arrive, keep them frozen until ready for use. They will keep nicely in your freezer for up to six months. Prior to thawing, remove the lobster tails from the vacuum package. Thaw your frozen lobstertails at least one day prior to cooking, in the refrigerator. To quickly thaw your frozen lobster tails, place them in a plastic bag and immerse in water while in the refrigerator for one to two hours.

Broiling: Cut the bottom of the shell of your lobster tails with kitchen scissors, so they will lie flat. You can also cut the top part of the lobster tail shell down to the fan, and pull out the meat (not detaching it from the tail). Then arrange the uncooked meat on the top of the shell, and broil.

Boiling or Steaming: Allow one minute of cooking time per ounce. Once cooked, run under cold water to stop the cooking process, and serve.

Coldwater Austrailian rock lobsters have a sweet, more preferred flavor than tropical rock lobsters. Western Australia is considered to be the source for the world's best coldwater lobstertails. They are the finest, most sought after on the market.

Our Western Australian coldwater lobster tails come from one of the best-managed fisheries in the world. To retain their firm, white meat and mild flavor, these lobster tails are processed and frozen immediately upon arrival in spotless state-of-the-art seafood plants. Frozen lobstertails are then vacuum packed in pairs so that they are of the highest quality when they arrive at your door.

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Large, sweet, and flavorful Australian lobster tails - are sure to impress! Rock lobster tails make for a delicious meal!

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