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The Australian lobster belongs to a family of spiny lobsters and are often referred to as rock lobsters. The western rock lobster is one of the most valuable fished species to the Australian economy. It is a managed fishery in Western Australia and can make up to 20% of the total value of all Australian fisheries. While 8 different species are caught, the western rock lobster makes up the largest percentage of the catch. Heavy exploitation of this popular catch, requires consistent and diligent fisheries management. However, the fishery has been labeled and certified as ecologically sustainable. This is a welcomed label, due to the popularity of this lobster fishery.

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These elegant, cooked, split Australian Rock Lobsters make an impressive presentation either for a special gathering or a very special gift. Split rock lobsters make for a delicious meal.

The western rock lobster fishery catch is mostly exported either live or frozen to key countries and markets around the world. Most of the catch is exported to the U.S., Asia, China and Japan. Lobster fishing controls regulate the amount and type of equipment that can be used by the commercial lobsterman. It also regulates how the recreational catch should be controlled.




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