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Australian Split Rock Lobsters :


Buy delicious Lobsters online.


The ultimate combination of elegance and convenience, whole, fully cooked, split rock lobsters allow you to create an impressive meal in just minutes. Fresh, live rock lobsters are boiled immediately upon arrival from the fishing vessel to ensure freshness and tenderness. The fresh lobsters are then halved and cleaned leaving only premium white meat for you to enjoy. Simply broil, grill, or stuff for a phenomenal meal in just minutes. Buy lobster for entertaining or as a gift. Your friends and associates will love receiving a gift that is so convenient. Just heat and serve for a delectable meal and a dramatic presentation.

When you order you'll receive two or four premium quality, 11-14 oz, cooked, frozen rock lobsters that are split in two. Each two lobsters are packed on a tray and shrink wrapped.

Our frozen split lobster is fully cooked and ready to eat. It is recommended that you thaw the lobster halves prior to cooking by removing them from the plastic wrapped tray and storing them in the refrigerator one day before cooking. For quicker thawing, place them in a plastic bag under cold running water for approximately one hour. Lobster halves can be kept frozen for up to five months. Once defrosted, cooked lobster halves can be kept safely in your refrigerator for up to five days. Do not refreeze after thawing.

Thawed lobster halves can be gently heated by steaming for five minutes or until the meat is warm. They can also be dropped into boiling water with favorite seasonings for five minutes, or baked in a 400-degree oven for four minutes.

Preparation and Handling:

Split rock lobsters are a convenient way to serve a gourmet treat that is sure to please. Simply heat and pour warm butter or a savory sauce over the exposed meat, or serve it as a delicious baked stuffed entrée.

Most often, the thought of a lobster meal at home conjures thoughts of large steam pots and a good bit of work. Fully cooked, split Australian rock lobsters give you all the delight of a fresh lobster meal without the usual wait. Prepared and frozen at the height of freshness and taste, rock lobsters deliver plenty of succulent, sweet, tender meat.

Each fresh lobster is prepared by removing the “gurrie” (liver, stomach, etc.) then frozen and glazed with a starch coating afterwards to protect the astralian lobster from freezer dehydration. This gives you the benefit of longer freezer life so you can buy lobster in advance for future use. And because each lobster is split, you receive enough for four servings.

This is one of the best ways to give a lobster gift. Austrlian rock lobsters make an impressive statement so your gesture will be long remembered. They are also the epitome of luxury as they are ready to serve and don't need to be cooked.

Heat your Austrailan lobsters by boiling, broiling, grilling, or baking, and in just minutes you’ll enjoy a luscious taste sensation you’ll want again and again.

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Split Australian Rock Lobsters make for an elegant and impressive presentation either for a special gathering or a very special gift.

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