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Blue Lobster :


A juvenile American Lobster in natural cobble habitat in Rhode Island waters. The beautiful blue coloring in lobsters is thought to occur when the crustacean eats primarily one type of food in the lab. However, blue lobsters are occasionally found in the wild as a genetic anomaly. Dutch Island, Newport County, RI
An all blue specimen of Homarus americanus. Some scientists attribute variations in shell colors to diet.
Images: NOAA

A genetic defect has been found that causes a blue lobster to produce an excessive amount of protein. The protein wraps around a small, red carotenoid molecule known as as astaxanthin. The two push together, forming a blue complex known as crustacyanin which often gives the lobster shell a bright blue color. About one in a million lobsters are blue, but when cooked, it turns red like the other lobsters.

It has been suggested that more than 'one in a million' lobsters born are blue, but many do not survive because their bright blue shell brings too much attention making them a prime target for predators. Scientists also believe that blue lobsters tend to be more aggressive than their normal colored counterparts. Since they don’t blend in, they have adapted and changed to be more aggressive to protect themselves.

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