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How To Eat Lobster :


You would not think that how you break the lobster apart in order to eat it would make a difference in your dining experience. And you know what, if you break it open the best you can, you will still be able to get the sweet lobster meat out of its shell. However, by following a generally accepted method of breaking down the lobster, will allow you to get the maximum amount of lobster meat out of it shell. We do not want to waste any little morsel. The following is a good method to use when eating the king of seafood.

Eating a lobster need not be a chore if you know the secrets of getting to the sweet delicious meat quickly. Here are a few tips that will help you.

Claws - Remove the lobster claws by twisting them from the body. Using a nutcracker, seafood shell cracker or pliers, crack the shells of the claws, and pull out the meat.

Tail - Arch the back of the lobster until it cracks and separate the tail from the lobster's body. Break off the tail flippers, insert a fork, and push the tail meat out in one large piece.

Body - Unhinge the back shell from the lobster's body. You'll see a green area (called the "tomalley") that is considered a delicacy, and the coral-colored "roe" which is also edible.

Crack the lobster's body by pulling it apart sideways. Lobster meat can be found in the four pockets where the larger legs attach. There is also a small bit of meat in each of the walking legs that can be removed by sucking.

Images courtesy Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association


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