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The lobster is the king of all seafoods, according to many seafood enthusiasts. These shellfish can come from many places around the world, and there are many different types of lobster. Most of them fall into either the American lobster family, such as the Maine Lobster, or they fall into the family of spiny lobsters. Examples of these would include the Florida lobster and the Western Australian lobster and rock lobsters. We also need to include the clawed European lobster from the Atlantic Ocean, which is closely related to the American family. When buying these shellfish from fish mongers and seafood markets, you will want to decide what type of meat you want to eat and wether you will want to buy or purchase live or frozen. You may even to buy them already steamed. It really does not matter, as they are delicious just about any way you get them as along as they have been kept fresh.

The seafood enthusiasts will probably want to buy live lobsters so as to ensure that they are at their utmost delicious flavor when cooking. Know one can disagree with this philosphy as getting and preparing live seafood allows you to inspect your purchase and to ensure that is of the quality you expect before cooking them. All of the commercially caught varieties are highly sought after for its sweet meat and delicate texture.

Live Maine Lobsters
Just the phrase 'Live Maine Lobster' conjures up images of the most special of meals. Live Maine lobster delivered overnight! Enjoy one of the most sought after seafoods.

When purchasing your lobsters alive, means that most will find their way to the steamer pot for some tasting steamed seafood. However, some of the most popular ways to cook these shellfish, after steaming, would include boiling, split and baked, stewed, in soups and in bisqu recipes. Lobster Newberg and Thermidor come to mind as top recipe names.

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